BMC Almehdar & Associates Trading Co. Ltd.

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Praise be to Allah who says: "and say work, that Allah will observe your work and His Messenger and the believers .." And peace be upon the Prophet of mercy Mohammed bin Abdullah and his family and companiaons and allies.. Since the beginning of the establishment of a commercial Almehdar-group in 1993, the group was able to find the values ​​and modern concepts in the field of finance and business management, making creativity, innovation an…
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The company is characterized by social responsibility as one of the most important factors that are undertaken by the company and the cohesion of human relations between members of the community and also full confidence by planting the seeds of love and morality and create a permanent and continuous cooperation among the community.
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BMC Al-Mehdhar Trade Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1993, as a commercial activity concentrated in the import and marketing of food products, especially the rice at it's best types.
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  • This company has succeeded over the years in gaining the satisfaction and confidence of a loyal fan base, thanks to a the understanding of their tastes and needs, and provided food commodities in the very high quality.

    Magazine advertising Alwaseet

    Executive Director

  • BMC Al-Mehdar (House of Quality) brand name enjoys the confidence and respect in the world of trade in goods and high quality food, and whenever you mention the name it reminds you (Mazza Rice) which is known for its outstanding taste.

    Abubaker Bin ageel

    Director of Network sites Hadramout Syoun


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