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BMC Al-Mehdhar company and its partners on the basis of policies and inspection of their products ensure that the products are tested and ensure safety and these bases pass through several stages, including:


1 - Agriculture and growth stages: -

At this stage, the company search suppliers to offer all the necessary possibilities for planting and irrigating crops and make it grow and take all the required crop of care and focus on growth and the fight against plant random mixed, including implants and provide water for crops, fertile farmland and the ability to produce crops in ways modern agricultural.

2 - the stage of harvesting: -

At this stage the company communicate with its suppliers and ensure that the products are safe, pure, and make sure not to mix products with each other and examine all and ensure safety.

3 - phase packing and shipping: -

The company inspect its products, test packaging, weight and safety and ensures safe shipping them inside containers belonging to them and stack them in a proper way and not compacting more than necessary to avoid any faults due to random stacking and follow-up the process of shipping time until the delivery of shipments.

4 - stage examination: -

The company is examining the products and ensure safety by doing sampling of each shipment and inspection global laboratories such as SGS and other local laboratories and make sure they are properly secured and imperfections.

The company BMC apply the standards body of Yemen Standardization and Metrology and Quality Control keen to provide safe food to the citizens.

5 - Stage Storage: -

The company provides warehouse for food products and provide the environment and the weather and the right way to be stored specialized ways to monitor so that it does not take more than the normal size stacking.

6 - the method of sale and transport: -

The company is using the charge carriers of various kinds and forms of transportation and distribution for all customers.